Youth Day Treatment Program

Participants in the program will experience a holistic treatment program that will address substance use education, life skills, anger management and self-regulation skills that include a communication and problem solving focus. Education will be provided through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning approaches, for example, videos, writing exercises, and role playing activities

This program meets four times a week for three hours a day. The duration of the program is 12-16 weeks.

Random drug screens are provided throughout the program. Recovery activities and recovery skill building are provided. Family meetings and Individual Support Session are available.

Rutherford County Youth Prevention Education Program

In partnership with DCS and Rutherford County Juvenile Justice Department, Solutions Education Center is providing a prevention education program for adolescents. The goal of this program is to prevent the youth from entering state's custody. Participants in this program will learn substance use prevention education, self-regulation skills, and life skills.
This program meets once a week for three hours and the duration is 12-16-weeks with random drug screens provided.